Pioneering steps by Thalassemics India
  • Since 1986, Thalassemics India has been holding Thalassemia clinics in Delhi/NCR by inviting experts from abroad
  • 1st NGO to import and distribute filters, pumps and needles to patients/parents at subsidized rates since 1988
  • 1st Initiative taken by Thalassemics India to help in the establishment of "Preeti Tuli Thalassemia Unit" at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in 1993
  • In 1993, received tax exemption from Delhi Govt. on Desferal Injections
  • In 1995, Thalassemics India became the voting member of Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF)
  • In 1996, held the First-ever International Conference on Thalassemia in New Delhi
  • In 1996, held a workshop on Hepatitis C in Delhi to sensitize patients/parents & doctors
  • In the years 2002, 2004 & 2007, Thalassemics India helped in the organisation of the First Regional Conference in Kolkata, Pune & Ahmedabad respectively.
  • 1st NGO to take group of thalassemia patients in the year 2006 to International Conference (TIF)