Thalassemics India publication includes: Thalassemia awareness informatives for eg- bookmarks, leaflets and pamphlets. Thalassemia Update-Thalassemics India's Newsletter.

TIF's Publication on Thalassemia Awareness and Prevention.

TIF Publications available at Thalassemics India,A-9,
Nizamuddin West New Delhi -13

  • Patients' Rights
  • Guidelines for the Clinical Management & Prevention of Thalassaemia-2nd revised edition
  • Beta Thalassemia Books in Hindi
  • Sickle Cell Thalassemia Books in Hindi
  • About Thalassemia in Hindi
  • Emergency Management of Thalassaemia
  • Compliance to Iron Chelation Therapy with Desferrioxamine

    Limited copies of TIF Publication



    Thalassemics India Publication