Internship Program

Thalassemics India has been making efforts to involve young people.we would be happy to give travel allowance. We look forward to receive applications to join us as an intern by writing us through mail on
From 2015 onwards we had five interns who helped the association in completing respective tasks.
Interns had contributed with, lot of diligence and endeavour. We feel really proud to work with them and will be happy to have more such interns. It is our pleasure to share the thoughts of the interns about the association with us as Internship Program and the works assigned to them

  1. I worked as an intern in Thalassemics India. Working for this Ngo have made me more compassionate and empathetic. I have become more considerate and thoughtful and gained a lot of insight about the disease Drishti Asseja

  2. I had this opportunity to intern with Thalassemics India for two weeks from 2nd September 17 to 16th September 17. My role as an intern there was to perform backend activities for an event Seminar on the Policy Interventions for the Evolving Needs of Thalassemics in India Priyanka Manchanda

  3. It was really great working with Thalassemics India altogether learning experience Mamta Bhola

  4. I think when a student enrols for an internship He/she does not know the outcome of the same. When I had joined this blissful institute i thought of a burdensome school assignment. But after completing my internship i have become a better,selfless person who has started valuing life, valuing time, have stopped cribbing, and above all have started thanking God for every single blessings he has showered on me. My internship has I feel has made me a better human being,for which i am truly grateful to this organisation. This has truly been a great learning experience and I'll be forever indebted to those who gave me the opportunity to work here. I learned that customer service is hard & you cannot easily please people. Lastly it was a privilege and a pleasure to be with the team. When I had entered I had entered to learn but I can assure you when I am leaving today I am. Leaving to serve.- Savanah Chandok