6th International Conference on Thalassemia
  1. I would like to sincerely congratulate you for the excellent orgnanisation and for the most productive conference. The efforts made to offer this truly unique educational experience to the participants were indeed impressive and remarkable.- Dr Androulla Eleftheriou, Executive Director, Thalassaemia International Federation.

  2. Thank you so much for everything and congratulations for a really successful conference and work your are doing for thalassemic children. My very best wishes-Heba Elsedfy MD Ain Shams University,Cairo, Egypt.

  3. Great meeting, very well organised. Thanks of the opportunity.- Dr.Anupam Sibal Apollo Hospital.

  4. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the meeting.Well organised excellent meeting- Dr. Amita Mahajan, Apollo Hospital

  5. Congratulations to you Mam and your entire team who pioneered the organization of such a huge and successful event. I do thank you and express my gratitude for giving us 'The Thalassemics' an opportunity to listen to some of the renowned clinicians from around the world who are making a significant difference to the life of Thalassemics.- Samik Samadda, Kolkata.

  6. Congratulations for organizing such a wonderful conference .I really do not have words to appreciate the way the conference was organized in all fronts.Scientific Contents was very good. I could not afford to miss any session , as all the sessions were really chosen well. Rest of the arrangements were also very good .The team work of the society is really appreciable .My all best wishes -Dr. Alka Mathur, Hindu Rao Hospital ,Delhi

  7. Many many congratulations to you and the entire team for the successful organisation of 6th International Thalassemia Conference.It was very well organised event and a scientific feast. I am grateful to all of you for inviting me and heartfelt thanks for the hospitality.- Dr.Poonam Shrivastava, Medical Director Lions Blood Bank, Delhi

  8. Thanks Thalassemics India and special thanks to Ms. Shobha Tuli for the excellent conference full of learning and blend of local with international experts.- Dr. Omesh Kumar Bharti, Himachal Pradesh.

World Thalassemia Day,8 May,2018

  1. Thank you so much Mrs. Tuli for inviting me to this wonderful and inspiring meeting Warm regards Dr. Roshan Colah.

  2. Please accept my sincere Congratulations for the grand success of International Thalassemia day function, involving Jackie as Ambassador for Thalassemia will have great effect on our sincere efforts to control Thalassemia. We all need to work together unitedly. Many thanks for all honours bestowed on me. I am willing to offer u all my services for this noble cause Dr. Ved Prakash Chaudhary.

  3. It was really a meaningful Seminar with a perfect blend. Glad that I could attend it. Hearty Compliments - Dr. Anil Khatri

  4. Hello today's event was well organised and you spoke well. Very impressive speech.- Thalassemic Parent

  5. Thank you shobha ji for such a fabulous programme.

  6. Shobha ji ...your dedication towards the cause is admirable.

  7. The presentations and the achievements of those affected was even more admirable. God Bless one and all

  8. Shobha.... We at RCDS bow down to your spirit .of service ... your dedication to the cause so dear to you !! God bless you - Rotary Club

  9. Excellent program. Congratulations - Dr Tulika

  10. Thanks for inviting me. Wonderful program, pleasure to attend. Regards. Dr Rajiv Bansal

  11. Thanks for Thalassemia Newsletter 'Update'.I found it very informative. We appreciate your participation and thank you for allowing us to be a part of this social causes. Thanks for Thalassemics India for organizing and coordinating this. - Thalassemic Parent

Annual General Meeting, 2nd Oct, 2018

  1. Dear Thalassemics India Team,
    Thank you for organizing a wonderful AGM. It was really nice to see the doctors on panel and the information is really helpful. - Pallavi Sood

  2. Hi Team,
    Good Day.
    Truly appreciate Team Thalassemics India for this wonderful Informative event. We all understand this expense review does not bother anyone but most important is everyone gets a chance to meet this beautiful family. Its give a chance to get to know what all research & happening are going on globally which can be ray of hope for all our children.
    We are forever grateful to be a part of this & would be happy for any future ones.
    Girish Bellani

  3. Sincere thanks to all the team members of Thalassemics India!
    My mother too appreciates the opportunity to hear about latest medicinal breakthroughs in easy form.
    Warm Regards,
    Hemant Bellani

  4. Dear Mam,
    It was a great pleasure to attend the meeting. I came to know about the new medicine to control ferritin level. Interaction session was very good. It was great to meet people from jharkhand and telangana.
    Thalessemics India is doing a great job for the welfare of children with blood disorder.
    I appreciate their hardwork and wish a good luck for their vision for zero Thalessemics by 2025.
    Akriti Goel