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60 Thalassemics visited the Check Up Clinic at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital


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International Thalassemia Day, May 2017(TBA)
Fundraising event(TBA)
Drugs And Equipments
Following Equipments / Medicines available at Thalassemics India ,
A-9, Nizamuddin West New Delhi -13 at subsidized rates:

  • Desferal
  • Asunra 100mg
  • Asunra 400mg
  • Desirox 250mg
  • Desirox 500mg
  • Pall RC1VAE filter (for 1 unit of blood)
  • Pall RC2VAE filter (for 2 units of blood)
  • Bio -R filter (for 1 unit of blood)
  • Bio -R2 filter (for 2 unit of blood)
  • Kelfer 250mg
  • Kelfer 500mg
  • Defrijet 250mg
  • Defrijet 500mg