Sunday Clinic

Dr. V.K Khanna, Sr. consultant, Hematology, Sir Gangaram Hospital, invited to hold check-up clinics at Thalassemics India office on sundays-once a month.

Help committee members : Rita Jain and Rekha Arora. are responsible members for organising sunday clinics.

Help Committee, comprising of Rita Jain and Rekha Arora, held a clinic at Thalassemics India's Nizamuddin office on

30th July, 27

Dr V.K. Khanna clinically examined the patients and advised them on better management and treatment protocol. Thalassemics India invited 8 patients from Hindu Rao Hospital and 6 from St Stephen's hospital. These children are receiving medical support from Thalassemics India.

25th February,18:

Dr. V.K. Khanna examined 03 patients from St. Stephen's Hospital.

29th July,18':

Dr. V.K. Khanna examined 12 patients from NDMC & St. Stephen's Hospital.

27th August,18':

Patients reports were checked and appropriate treatment was recommended.