About Us
Giving hope a new meaning...

Established in 1986, Thalassemics India was conceived to check and help deal with Thalassemia. A non-governmental organization, Thalassemics India is working zealously across the country, operating in close association with doctors, drug/equipment companies throughout the country and abroad, hospitals, Thalassemia associations & thalassemia centers.

An association which was formed by a few Thalassemia parents in 1986, has now achieved the status of a State Awardee (1998) Organization with more than 3000 strong memberships that includes thalassemics, thalassemia parents, associations, doctors & social workers.

Thalassemics India is a voting member of Thalassaemia International Federation , an international body based in Cyprus.. Among some of the main achievements of the association since its inception are the establishment of the Thalassemia centers in two hospitals of Delhi. Organization of 7 successful International Conferences & Workshops, holding of free Thalassemia clinics, collection of medicines/equipments for free distribution, organization of free Thalassemia detection camps, collection of funds from India & abroad to help the underprivileged thalassemic patients towards their treatment & collaborating closely with important offices & departments at the State and Central level for achieving the goals.


  • To campaign for blood collection for Thalassemic patients.
  • To counsel & educate thalassemics, their families & doctors on the management of Thalassemia.
  • To create better transfusion & treatment facilities.
  • To collect funds, equipments, medicines for underprivileged thalassemic patients.
  • To create awareness among public & facilitate screening and prevention programmes for control of Thalassemia.
  • To promote collaboration with State & Central Governments, W.H.O., Thalassemia Centres in India, Thalassemia International Federation, Hospitals & other NGO's.