Thalassemia Clinic held at "Preeti Tuli Thalassemia Unit" Sir Gangaram Hospital,Delhi.

Thalassemics India is pleased to inform you about the Thalassemia Clinic held at Sir Gangaram Hospital, Delhi on 10th March & 11th March, 2018. We had invited the renowned doctors in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from UCLH, London. The doctors did consultation for over 40 Thalassemia patients who came from Delhi, Kolkata, Nepal etc.


As part of Thalassemics India ongoing activities to improve thalassemia care.This clinic was planned to give an opportunity to our adult thalassemics to discuss their issues in private. As per the feedback received to us all parents and patients who visited the clinic seems to be satisfied and pleased with the arrangements done by Thalassemics India and Gangaram Hospital.


Thalassemics India would like to thank the invited doctors for their time and diligence.


We feel really very thankful to Dr. V.K. Khanna and his team at the hospital for their kind support.