Staff Members

Rashmi Kalra
Ed Qualification:B.Com,Delhi University
Job Title:Office Administrator
Job Description:Attending to thalassemia parents &patients; maintaining all official records of all projects & handling day to day official work.Looking after all administrative needs of the office.

Indu Sughal
Ed Qualification:BDS,Post Graduate in Nutrition Science Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health
Job Title:Co-ordinatorBone Marrow Transplant
Job Description:Co-ordinating the Bone Marrow Transplant Project- maintaining data of Patients who undergo BMT & take up newer cases.

Sonam Madaan
Ed Qualification:B.A(Hons) English,Delhi University Diploma in French Language,AFD,Pursuing M.A (English)
Job Title:Head of Communications
Job Description:Managing the website;handling Social Media initiatives and activities and providing creative content and digital assets.

Swati Tuteja
Ed Qualification:B.A(Economics& Office Management),Delhi University
Job Title:Associate
Job Description:Assisting in all communications;recording membership data and handling all medical couriers.

Sangeeta Mittal
Ed Qualification:B.A,Ranchi University
Job Title:Thalassemia Unit Incharge,St.Stephen’s Hospital
Job Description:As: Assisting thalassemia patients and theirfamilies in the Thalassemia unit at St.Stephen’s Hospital &maintaining their medical record.

Sheela Davis
Ed Qualification:Senior Secondary
Job Title:Thalassemia Unit Incharge,Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
Job Description:Assisting thalassemia patients and their families in the Thalassemia unit at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital & maintaining their medical record and coordinating with the familiesfor the Thalassemia Clinic held every Wednesday at the hospital.